Intellectual property

Głuchowski Siemiątkowski Zwara Law Firm offers complex advisory services in the field of intellectual property law (IP). This includes expert services in such areas as trademarks, brands and company names, patents and utility models, industrial designs, copyright, trade secret and company protection, Internet domains, combating unfair competition, managing IP rights. We also advise in areas that border on IP, including the media, advertising and marketing, customs and new technologies.

As part of our IP practice, we offer a full range of services, from planning IP rights protection strategies, registering IP rights in offices, conducting disputes before courts and authorities dealing with IP, to drafting contracts for intangible goods or conducting IP audits.

The services we offer are targeted at both, large business entities with a strong portfolio of intellectual property rights, as well as SMEs that are just beginning to actively protect their intangible assets.

We put particular emphasis on professionalism and creativity in creating a strategy for protection of IP rights. From our first contact with a Client, our lawyers exercise best efforts in order to ensure that our mutual relations are based on trust and transparency in terms of cooperation. The Law Firm has a flexible approach to each order, meeting particular expectations. Our experience and understanding of the market allow us to offer our clients services of the highest quality at competitive prices.


Scope of services

We offer a full scope of services related to IP, including industrial property. Our IP practice is divided into two basic areas: legal services and services related to managing IP.


Legal services concerning IP:

  • Planning and preparation of strategies for the protection of IP rights.
  • Registrations of industrial property rights with appropriate institutions and offices, including national proceedings before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP), EU proceedings before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and international proceedings before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
  • Proceedings for the annulment and termination of third party IP rights, as well as opposition proceedings against the rights of third parties at the UPRP and EUIPO.
  • Conducting disputes in cases concerning infringement of IP rights (trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs or patents), and disputes in the field of combating unfair competition.
  • Appeals in the form of complaints and appeals against unfavourable rulings and decisions, both at the national (UPRP, administrative courts, common courts) and EU (EUIPO, EU Court in Luxembourg, EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg).
  • Preparing and reviewing contracts related to intellectual property, e.g. licenses, assignments, franchise agreements, as well as intellectual property clauses in specialist agreements (e.g. architectural, implementation contracts in IT industry, sponsorship from the FMCG sector, etc.).
  • Advising at every stage of the proceedings related to intellectual property, including the preparation of attack and defence strategies, preparation of legal opinions, preparation of letters and explanations to the relevant authorities and institutions.


Services regarding IP management:

  • IP audits and reports including the analysis of IP rights status of your business.
  • Supervision over keeping exclusive rights and monitoring.
  • Database searches regarding IP.
  • Market research in order to identify potential infringements of exclusive rights and collecting evidence.
  • Advisory in creating and developing coherent protection strategy regarding IP of your business.
  • Support in creating and implementing procedures ensuring effective protection and commercialization of your business’s IP.
  • Identification the scope of IP protection that are not subject to registration, including copyrights, trade secret, know-how.
  • Advisory in choosing and designing identification and distinctive markings (graphical and word markings, including logos, labels, slogans, as well as packaging shapes and other three-dimensional markings).


The team consists of Karol Gajek (leader) and Jacek Zwara.

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