Piotr Doerffer

Of counsel at Głuchowski Siemiątkowski Zwara i Partnerzy, Piotr is a Professor of technical sciences.

Piotr is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Gdansk University of Technology and is a former scholar at Wittle Lab of the University of Cambridge and the University of Karlsruhe. Piotr has been a long-term member and vice-president of the Research Council at the Centre of Hydrodynamics of Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a multiple awardee, incl. St. Drzewiecki the secretary of the IV Dept. of the Polish Academy of Sciences award. He coordinated a series of research projects for multiple entities, incl. Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Euroshock and TFAST.

Piotr has been cooperating with Głuchowski Siemiątkowski Zwara i Partnerzy since 2013.

Piotr is head of the Centre of Thermomechanics of Fluids at the Centre of Hydrodynamics of Polish Academy of Sciences and member of the Committee of Research of the Symposium on Experimental and Computational Aerothermodynamics of Internal Flow (ISAIF). Since 1996, Piotr has been active in his work at the Committee of Research of the National Conference of the Mechanics of Fluids. Piotr is also an expert to the European Commission for project assessment within the frames of “Cooperation” project. He is a member of the Journal of Thermal Science at Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing and has organised and conducts a laboratory for Mechanics of Fluids for the student of the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics at Gdansk University of Technology.

Currently, he is the President of WinEnerg sp. z o.o, a company dealing in commercialisation of a wind power plant patent.

Office: Gdańsk

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