White Collar Crime and Compliance Policy Team

We are pleased to announce that at the beginning of September 2021, we created the White Collar Crime and Compliance Policy Team at our Law Firm.

The rationale behind our decision is the observation criminal fiscal and commercial law cases in practice and the functioning of the legal services market. In the present socio-economic situation, there is a significant increase in the number of such cases, characterized by a high degree of complexity. It is reflected, inter alia, in the need of cooperation between a team of lawyers with different areas of specialty in terms of legal practice. Launching our own White Collar Crime and Compliance Policy Team allows for a quick and comprehensive analysis of any client’s situation (most often very complex in terms of facts of the case and the legal aspect, too), enabling easier crisis management by creating particular client-tailored exit scenarios.

It is very important for our current and future clients to minimize the risk of criminal liability of company managers, in particular from the perspective of tax risk. It is all about taking preventive measures that precede any possible events that may constitute the basis for criminal liability of company managers.

One of the important instruments to minimize the risk of violating the applicable legal standards by a given entrepreneur is the implementation of a relevant compliance policy. It can well be reflected, among others, in auditing regulations already functioning in the organization, in creating internal procedures of good practices, conducting training in the field of criminal liability for managerial offenses.

The Team leader is attorney dr hab. Janusz Raglewski, professor of the Jagiellonian University, cooperating with attorney Monika Zielonka, tax advisor and attorney Grzegorz Flisiak, attorney Wojciech Bergier and attorney Arkadiusz Rozpędowski.

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